What to Do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

What to Do When Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

Most of the people require mobile phone water damage repair services during the summer season. Due to hot weather, people go to the beach, lake or to the pool. In that time, most of the mobile phones suffer accidental water damage. Mobile phone water damage needs immediate attention. If you cared less, it will cause more damage.

Mobile phone water damage is very dangerous to your mobile. Water contact can cause damage to your mobile. It can cause short circuit or erode your mobile phone electronic components and inner workings. There are many electronic components are presented inside the mobile phone. They are the main reason for the functioning of the mobile phone properly.

Ocean water comprises more salt, it is highly corrosive. Due to this corrosive tendency, damage occurs quickly when your mobile is affected with ocean water.

Swimming pool water has chlorine is also corrosive. Chlorine and the other chemicals destroy the internal circuits.

Household water also corrosive because it contains chlorine, chemicals, minerals cause damages to your internal mobile components.

Don’t put your water damaged mobile in the microwave or try to fry it with a hair dryer. If you add heat to your water damaged mobile phone, it will increase the corrosion and damage. You need to get your mobile phone to a water damage repair specialist who can clean the mobile phone delicate components and judge the damage accurately and quickly. If you are using Motorola mobile, contact the experts in the Moto Service Center in Chennai immediately. They will take care of your mobile.

If your mobile gets wet, follow these steps:

1. Don’t turn your water damaged cell phone on. This will cause it to short out and could cause long-lasting damage.

2. Remove the battery instantly.

3. Don’t use a blow dryer. Even though your phone may appear to be dry, the inside circuit board will still be wet.

4. Use a Zip-Lock Bag. Put the WET phone into a Zip-Lock bag and ship it to a Motorola Service Center in Chennai immediately.


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